f you’re looking for an uplifting romantic escape, then this could be the book for you. This is a beautifully written relationship tale with a real light touch. Katie Fforde takes us deep into the relationships with family, friends, community and the most obvious love. Sophie Apperly comes from a family of academics, who never take her seriously. She is not inclined to academics and that makes her ‘the black sheep’ of the home. While her practical ways come highly appreciated by her friends and neighbors, it’s obvious her family doesn’t. Although they do take advantage of her well- meaning character of pleasing others. She finally realizes her family sees her more as dispensable when she gets sent to take care of her old ‘evil’ uncle Eric, and decides she’s had enough.

A Feel-Good Love Story With A Burst Of Humor And Edgy Entertainment, Told By Katie FForde

When a long time friend offers her a chance to visit the big apple, she quickly grabs it. Thrilled to discover the land of opportunity, Sophie still has an agenda to help her family attain financial freedom. However, From the moment Sophie arrives at the Big apple, she’s determined to enjoy every ‘bite’ of the adventure. Her friend Milly works at an Art Gallery. As fate would have it, Sophie crosses paths with  a very vibrant Matilda who invites her for Thanksgiving. Matilda feels indebted to make good on a friendly English stranger who ‘saved’ her life. Sophie gladly accepts. They seem to bond over their English roots. Matilda’s grandson however is not having it. Though admittedly handsome and obviously wealthy he is outright arrogant, and every bit unwelcoming to Sophie.

Luke is obviously fond of his grandmother  yet very protective of her-painstakingly so with Sophie. Yet to his surprise, it turns out that Sophie would be the best bet at keeping at arms’ length the ‘gold-diggers’ of Manhattan.  Just as Sophie needs a  stellar lawyer as himself to advance in her family quest. Naturally he has a proposal to make….but will Sophie agree to the terms?

Katie FForde's A perfect proposal book cover

My Thoughts On, A Perfect Proposal By Katie FForde

A simply gorgeous and uplifting love story that is relatable in every way. Luke and Sophie have the chance to learn that love can blossom in the most unexpected ways. Sophie’s friends are her support system. Always speaking their minds on their disapproval of how her family regards it’s youngest member.  Amanda and Milly seem to be her spring board from which she decides to pull away from her family’s suffocating worldview. I love it when friendships are highlighted in such warm light.

The friendships reflected here remind me of the beautiful friendships I shared with my childhood friends. The warm, generous and lively friends I had in High School. I had the pleasure of calling some of the most outspoken, talented, engaging and lively group of people, my friends in College. To some extent, I could see myself as Sophie in the café with her friends.

I was immediately drawn to Sophie’s character. Most appealing of all, being her attitude to make the best out of any situation. Katie FForde builds Sophie’s character appeal so naturally, you can’t help but be her winger. Her ability to make two dollars do the work of ten made me question my relationship with money. Sophie’s determination to prove her family wrong about her worth seems to be her life goal. As are we all….to some extent. I totally loved how she seemed to validate her life from a movie she’d watched-mostly American.

Matilda is the funky grandma we’d all want to claim as our own. Her uncanny ways to keep Luke and Sophie is quite entertaining. Luke and Sophie make mistakes in their past love lives, finding themselves on unexpected paths. A thrilling adventure so to speak. This has them both hang up on the idea of ‘no strings attached’ kind of love. And now, they are forced to unlearn assumptions about each others worlds as they are totally woven into each other’s lives. There are other characters that got into my head, that they evoked other strong feelings in me.

Take Away

Their undeniable attraction towards each other certainly makes you want to relive your crush days. I love Katie Ffordes descriptive writing and quite notably persuasive writing. I have an etched image in my mind of  Cotswold thanks to her description. From the climate at certain times of the year, the general kind of housing to the social scene. It seems to be a bookworm’s paradise. Not to mention the vivid description of the Manhattan electric, sophisticated and warm social scene. Thanks to her, I am now more open minded to Art and Art Galleries out of her funny and realistic observation of the social scene.

I did appreciate Katie FForde’s uncanny way of tackling some thought provoking themes like female friendship, mother-daughter relationships, and family conflicts. It is no wonder she was among The Sunday Times top ten bestseller. A perfect proposal is a gentle, delicious, lively and entertaining read I can certainly recommend as a Fun Librarian favourite pick.

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