his book had me at the book cover first, then the title. Every book I pick has a story behind it as am sure that’s the case on your end as well. This is mine. One of my goals for the year is to read outside my preferred genres and to add to my library every month or every other month. So here I was, out scavenging for bookstores that had a massive sale and The Text Book Center happened to have one in March. Naturally, I was on the look out for a non- fiction book and to my dismay, none were for sale.

Obviously, my goal was nowhere in sight and I was back to my old habit of sticking to my preference. Until my eyes landed on this yummy looking colorful book. And then the title got me like , ‘ohhhhhh! the writer knew what he was doing marketing wise at least.’ Not once, not twice, not even thrice have people fooled you, too often the ones you trust right? Me too, yet every year we put it up on social media, that we are growing wiser! Totally unrelated of course to the content of the book.


Anyway, picked up the book, read the reviews and the synopsis; immediately got double sold. Triple sold at the price of only Ksh. 400. Just like that I aced at the first step towards stepping out of my comfort zone.

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Fool Me Once is a gripping and evocative thriller about families that are torn apart by secrets. Maya is a former Special Ops Army Pilot suffering from PTSD, and married into a wealthy family, the Burkett’s. She has been through a lot having her sister, Claire and her husband, Joe Burkett murdered in a short span of four months. Maya is soon left to raise her two year old daughter, Lily by herself all awhile learning to live with the overwhelmingly smothering Burkett family, who have suffered their own share of losses. Only recently, yet another tragic loss to them, the murder of Joe Burkett.

Maya’s daunting wartime nightmares give her sleepless nights, when all she ever wants is to give her daughter some kind of normalcy. However, her world is turned upside down, when she sees her dead husband on a nanny cam just two weeks after his death. She is now determined to get to the bottom of this mystery even with the Investigators targeting her as the prime suspect of Joe’s murder. Digging deep into the past,  she discovers shocking truths about her husband, and the kind of man he really was. Truths about his family , and the lengths they would go to keep their name untarnished. At large she discovers truths about the connection between her sister and husband’s murder.

Hair raising!

My thoughts on Fool Me Once

I am glad that this book served as an entrée into crime thrillers in the journey to re-discovering my love for books. Excitedly enjoyed every page, every chapter and especially that giddy feeling you get when you remember you have a mystery to solve later on in the day. That is the feeling I had forgotten I loved when it came to books.

The writer had the story on continuous prose, flowing ever so graciously from chapter to chapter, which I fully appreciated. Ain’t nobody got time to be taken back in time in one chapter only to be spun into the future in the next and then back to the future in the following chapter.

However, I thought the novel took slightly long to kick into fast pace, though the plot development was worth the wait for that wide eyed, mouth agape of an ending.

Harlan Coben had me having my make belief book club spy detective hat on, explaining to the fam the storyline introducing a new character at every developing plot. Having the kids guess who the killer would have been. Every time we thought we had solved the case, it was a miss! That’s how good the plot is. The end will shock you to your core. I was wide eyed at the final pages, never believing how that twist pulled a fast one on me.  

Overall Fool Me Once, is a well written and twisty read that will keep you hooked from start to finish. The Times adequately described the author as ‘ the master of the double-twist’ as you will discover in this shocking thriller.

Have you read Fool Me Once? What Crime thrillers have you feeling giddy and you believe others will enjoy? Comment below.

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