others’ Day is around the corner and I am certain most of us endeavor to outdo ourselves in showing just how much we deeply appreciate and love our mums. More so, after becoming a mum, you feel the deep need to tell her just how much of a superhero she is to you.

Mother’s Day is Internationally recognized as a day set apart annually to intentionally take the opportunity to spoil the special women in our lives, to show them just how much they mean to us. To those whose precious moms are in heaven, the fun librarian cheers you on and assures you, that you will be fine. She run her race and did a magnificent job with you. Now its your turn, run your race, make FUN-tastic memories for yourself and your kin.

Have you ever wondered where this feted day originated from? I have not always been as inquisitive about cultures or social behaviours, but I seem to have developed a curious knack for just about everything including, “how did Mother’s Day come into existence?”

History of Mother’s Day

According to Greek History, the earliest Mother’s Day celebrations can be traced back to the celebrations of ancient Greece in honour of Rhea the mother of the gods. Ancient Romans also celebrated a Spring festival called Hilaria dedicated to Cybele a mother goddess in 250BC. Early Christians celebrated this day, in honour of the virgin Mary, the mother Jesus Christ on the 4th Sunday of lent. In England the holiday was expanded to include all mothers, and they dubbed it Mothering Sunday.

Today, people take the opportunity to celebrate their mothers and special women who have offered them love and support. This festival has become commercialized to a great extent, having many businesses spending on rigorous advertising campaigns and in return make lots of profits from sales.

On a personal level, it is a day we put a lot of thought into, to show our mums how much we value them. We do so, by spending quality time with them, showering them with gifts aplenty. This year it will be no different especially considering the times we are living in, when choosing to not visit your parents is considered a loving thought!

C’est la vie!

I am pretty sure personalized gifts has attained a whole new meaning in your world.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Are you wondering what special gift you could offer this year and you are at a loss of inspiration?

The fun librarian has a few ideas to share from fun to sentimental and memorable. Before you browse through, think about what has been on her wish list since Christmas. Does she have a new hobby? Maybe a kitchen garden. Is she involved in community work? Just remember, it is the thought that counts not the zeros in the purchase of your gift.

  1. Take an online cooking class

Find out what dish she has always wanted to know how to prepare and make that dream a reality. With a virtual class, you can get the whole family to pitch in from wherever they are, and enjoy a special Mother’s Day brunch. Put a smile on her face and surprise her with the best brunch yet.

  1. Personalized hand written recipe plate

What is her favourite dinner recipe that gets the whole family looking forward to a meal together? That is the one you can have customized on a cute plate and have her hang it on her kitchen wall. This will serve as a testament to her appreciated good cooking skills over the years and a memory builder.

  1. Compact Air fryer

You can never go wrong with accessorizing mamas’ kitchen with an appliance or two. What better way to simplify her life and ensure a healthy lifestyle than to equip her with a compact air fryer.

  1. Watch a mother daughter movie together

If you are fortunate enough to pay mama a visit, choose to cosy up and have a movie marathon. To make it sentimental, bring her a bouquet of flowers, prepare some good home-made orange juice and make lots of popcorn. Pick a list of mother daughter favorites from oldies (that she can relate to), like little women to newbies (that she can feel up to speed with the times), like Otherhood. Use this as an opportunity to ask her life questions and get advice from the wisest

  1. Treat her to an in-service mani/pedi

Book an appointment to have your mani and pedi done together at her place. Get her to try the new trendy looks of nail art as you indulge her in a good laugh down memory lane of embarrassing things, she did regrettably that cost you your teenage cool points, or naughty things you did that somehow got past her view. Remind her of what values she placed in you that have made you the woman you are today.

  1. Host a virtual tea party

Everyone knows tea time is good time to spill. Have a go at reminiscing the good ol’ days. From most memorable punishments to celebrations. Give her a chance to speak her mind and have a go to listen intently. It matters to her that you listen.

  1. Book a staycation with her

With all the amazing deals hotels are throwing our way, you cannot ignore a staycation. Pick this holiday as a reason for yet another hotel night out. Surprise her with a hotel booking from noon to the next day packed with mother daughter fun escapades. You can have a spa afternoon, and have an evening of role playing, karaoke in the room even a dance party. You might be surprised at how your mama kept your papa hooked on her. She might just give you some tips.

However way you will decide to shower your loved one this year, I am sure it will add an accent to how special the thought and the day is. We can all choose to make lemonade out of the bitter lemons COVID has scattered our way, and put a smile on our finest sheroes.

How are you celebrating this Mother’s Day? What special gift are you considering your special lady to symbolize just how much she means to you?

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