ave you ever found yourself wondering why on earth you have never taken the time to simply put on a full display of your books? This urge comes when you have gone visiting and you realize her library gives you that art gallery effect. Now you begin to ask, where does she get the time to get all these books? Has she read them all? What a wide variety!

All rhetorical of course.

I have good news for you. It turns out that building your home library doesn’t have to be that expensive after all. The Fun Librarian has gone to the lengths of finding 7 fun and easy things you can do that are budget- friendly, as you plan your march to utopia.

How to grow your home Library

#1. Collect a wide range of genres

Remember the Art Gallery effect we talked about earlier? It’s normal to be drawn to a particular genre, but the aim here is to create a true library.

That means there is a wide variety of genres to go by.

How do I get myself out of this rut? You may ask. Well, besides being a bookworm, you have other hobbies and interests, like health, gardening, home décor, photography, cooking, history, fashion. Now expand on that.

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Your library too will grow with time as long as you are consistent and Intentional about it.

#2. Take advantage of Bookstore sales

This is the easiest way to increase the book count on your library and to follow rule number 1. Chances are, the store wants to create space on the shelves for newer books.

Keep an eye on bookstores, many have an event once or twice a year, including International days like the world book day.

There was an event in March at the Text book Center this year, where they had a massive sale of books. I got a chance to pick a fiction book at a cool 400 bob and plenty of children books at only 100 bob. This was my one chance to grab a book from a genre I don’t always go for and not feel too bad about spending a good 1000 bob or more on it. If you ask me, it’s a win- win situation.

How cool!

#3. Shop for used books at book stores

Cyberspace has become the best place to find used books at good deals.  

Bookstores often have some quality used books for as little as 300 bob. You have 1,000 shillings and you have 3 books to your list.

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#4. Ask for books as gifts

Ask for books as gifts on those special days, like birthdays and Christmas when there’s cheer in the air, and your loved ones want nothing else but to bring more joy to you.

You can put out a list of the things you’d love to have and include books in the list. If you have a book that you have been dying to grab, this is the time to make that request.

#5. Reward yourself with books

When you accomplish a goal or do something that you are proud of, reward yourself with a new book.

The book can serve as a reminder of just how great you are and how much more you can achieve as it sits pretty on the shelf.

Let your library tell a story.

#6. Books as souvenirs

Whenever you travel, either for business or leisure make it a habit to visit the libraries in the city. They will often have good resource on exciting things about that city or little-known interesting facts about the city.

Buy a book, that will give you a story to tell about the city you visited and allow others to travel to the same place through the pages of that book. You can ask for dynamic books set in the country or City of your stay.

#7. Swap with friends

This is my favourite! This to me is the simplest and most refreshing way to grow your home library with diverse books and at no cost!

Who else was sold at no cost?

Get your friends together and hold a book swap over a tea party or a soiree. Let each bring a book or books they feel would be of better use if they found a new home, and let the party begin.

There is nothing quite as satisfying as seeing your home library grow over the years. Even more exciting, is having a lot to talk about when a curious visitor is drawn to your library and you can have your go at Inspiring the love for books.

Are you ready to grow your library? Which of these literary ideas best grabbed your attention?

Do you have any fun and cost friendly ideas you would love to share with the community? Comment below. We’d love to hear from you.

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