5 Memorable Activities to consider on a Mums’ Day Out!

Finding Inspiration for a Girls’ Day Out can be tricky, especially if all your friends are handling a hectic schedule. We easily get caught up in the routines of life, that under normal circumstances a whole year may pass without catching up with your circle of friends. If it were ever true that the wise woman indeed builds her home, it is also safe to say that this woman must find it essential to fill up her ‘good vibes’ bank- especially today!

COVID-19 gave each of us an opportunity to discover just how much we can endure as human beings. From the lockdown to the uncertainty and distressed work life balance. There was no way of telling how much of an impact it would have on all our lives  a year on. I had my share of crazy too, from homeschooling three lovely children while managing a  sweet toddler whose world revolves around mummy. Pause. To all the other wonderful endless duties that come along with raising a family. The fact that I have not lost my mind and my family is intact, is a testament that there is a God in Heaven and His grace is sufficient. 

Anyway, I would look forward to meeting my sisters every other Friday. The meet up had me feeling like I was not the only woman struggling, and that it was okay to get frustrated just as long as you pick yourself up and get back in line. It also really got me recharged for the task at hand.

Why It Is Important to hang out with friends

While we may be facing very uncertain times, it is important to surround yourself with the right company. The people you hang out the most with have the capability to uplift you just as much as they can bring you to destruction.  As mums, aside from our significant others and our parents, our friends are a crucial part of our lives. They form a huge part of our support system when times get tough. When we are feeling down, they give us busts of laughter. They are our biggest cheerleaders and supporters of our dreams. They are always there to celebrate our wins, even if its through the phone.

Its only fair that we make time to celebrate our friends every so often. However, a Girls’ Day Out is not something we always have time for all at once, because we all have something going on at one point or another😤. But when we get to have one, we want to relish the laughs, the hugs, the conversation and the dancing.

Here are my top 5 activities that can be done even while following the COVID 19 safety measures in your next Girls’ Day Out.

1. Home Spa Day

This is my absolute favourite. You can round up the kids for a playdate to a far away land like grandmas house or auntie’s house for a few hours. Significant others will politely hand the ladies the keys to the house because- when mamas happy everybody’s happy especially papa bear😉. Then turn your house into the perfect home spa for your squad and book for an in- service appointment. You can make it as grandiose-the full body massage or as basic as you wish. I guarantee even having a simple manicure and pedicure or a facial will be so much fun. I would suggest you do something out of the ordinary, like colorful crazy nail art. Order in some comfort food- a little pizza never hurt anyone. This will get your good vibes on for months to come.

2. Take a Paint and Sip class

This one is high on my to do list partly because I am not in the slightest way inclined to Art in the form of drawing or painting. And secondly, my current read, A perfect Proposal By Katie FForde made me ditch my Philistine attitude to Arts- a line I also piqued from the book. These are Art classes with a gist of wine tied to it. You and your girls’ can attend one of these classes and create some memorable fun experiences and Art that will have a story to tell in years to come.

3. Have a super Extra photo shoot

This one is just to bring out the teen in you. Have a theme around your squad’s dressing, glam up and then take turns taking photos for the Gram. Bring out the foxy in your friends as much as they will you, because goofy is fun sometimes and adulting is often overrated. Pick out a fun character from the latest book you have read and try to bring her to life.

Photo shoot

Goofy Shoot! Can you tell?

4. DIY craft

Live a little! Do something out of the usual as a pack, like a DIY project. How cool if you could round up your friends and sign up for a DIY class. You can think of a décor element you have been keen on adding to your living space. Make sure your home says, ‘I was here’ because of all the ‘fun work’ you put into it, duh!

5. Sing your heart out at a Karaoke Night

What’s better than singing to your favourite ballad with your friends, off key or way way off key. All that matters is that you crank it up with your crew.

I hope you have found Inspiration to schedule time for your friends just as you would your business meetings or doctors appointment. We don’t have the luxury of spending much time together as we did when we were younger. However, maintaining friendships requires time and effort, which I’m sure we can all afford to do. 

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