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i there! Welcome to The Fun Librarian! My name is Edith and I love books, a delightful cup of tea and a good conversation.

My mission is to help you find books that will remind you of just how much FUN reading can be. Perhaps you will for the first time discover how books can help you get that much closer to your vision. Consider me, being your fun librarian at your service! Because just like you, I am on a re-discovery journey for my love for books.

I’m interested in shining some book love on our very own Kenyan authors and discussing Industry highlights in our bookville page. I share reviews of my favourite books, your favourite books and those that come highly recommended. I also share suggestions of how to incorporate reading into our life.

What books have you feeling giddy? I’m all in for some book chat. Who has time for book shaming just because you don’t read 10 books in a month. Who cares? Don’t you worry, you are in good company, the aim here is to get us reading with intention to be better humans to ourselves and to others.

I can imagine that you and I have yet another thing in common-THE MOM LIFE! We are busy! We have jobs, businesses to run, families, never-ending responsibilities. I suspect you used to love reading but life has gotten in the way and now you are just trying to figure out this parenting gig, all while striving to discover yourself! With four young children I know how hard it is to find time to read and reflect. We love being moms but we don’t want to wait till we are in our sunset years to enjoy our lives. I believe we can enjoy our daily lives by simply opening our eyes to the simple things. And books of course.

This is where I come in.

I chat about grown folk’ affairs, from business to parenting, health and wellness, entertainment, travel, shopping, and everything in between. Welcome to the bookish lifestyle, where books and the ‘je ne sais quoi’ element of life get to tango.

It is my hope you will enjoy yourself whenever we interact but more than that get you excited about your life and inspired to live it out (even if it’s in a book character)

Cosy up, stay a while and Let’s make it fun, shall we?

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