Christmas is around the corner, and we all know what that means. It’s that time of year to spread the cheer, hope, and light. Emmanuel is born and he is with us. It’s a time we get to spend quality time with family and really enjoy the gift of family.

Looking for fun and affordable bonding activities to do with your family this Christmas? Check out 11 pocket friendly activities that kids of all ages and dads will love.

We celebrate the birth of our Messiah by being the light of the world we live in, and what better way to do it than with loved ones.


11 fun family bonding activities to build Christmas memories
#1. Make Christmas cards

This is the time to bring out your artistic side. Bring out all the markers and colorful manila paper, add on the glitter for the girls and paint for the boys. There’s nothing like kiddy color bombs on paper and misspelt holiday notes. The kids will cherish these free of charge memories with their parents right at home. Up the ante by playing some good old Christmas Carols.

#2. puzzle competition

Puzzle games are already in your shelf somewhere collecting dust. Make this holiday tradition even more special by adding an element of a puzzle battle. Have 2 different puzzles mixed up and spread on a table and have a battle. Whichever team wins gets to pick the family movie and the losing team gets the chance to prepare popcorn and get all the fizzy drinks. (Best of luck with the sugar rush)

#3. Donate a care package to a correctional facility

The Bible is very clear about our role as Christians in community development. Paul exhorts us in the book of Hebrews to remember those in prison as if we were together with them in prison, and those who are mistreated as if we ourselves were suffering (Hebrews 13: 3). I suggest the prisoners because Christmas time is a time of spreading joy and hope and what better way to share the love of Christ with the prisoner.

Kids also get to understand the concept of caring for the less fortunate when they see their parents play that role. The easiest way to mobilize this kind of care is through the church.

Challenge yourself  to share Christ’s love this Christmas with a care package to a correctional facility and see how good it will make you feel.

#4. Give a compliment

Sometimes we do take our family members for granted as much as we are taken for granted. Sigh!

To avert this, create this holiday tradition where each member of the family gets to give a compliment and receive a compliment. You’ll be surprised how ‘seen ‘ you are.

#5. Watch a Favourite Holiday Movie

The ultimate holiday tradition is obviously a beloved Christmas movie. My favourite of all times was the Home Alone series. Even more fun to it is when you see your own kids reactions to the movie, It’s almost as if you can see the little you through their eyes. Incredible!

#6. Hold a Pajama party

There’s nothing quite like a simple party gone wild aka pajama party! Have all the family members dressed in their best onesie pajamas and let the fun begin. It could be a whole day of waltzing in pajamas or from sunset. Keep the kids busy with pillow fights, playing tag, Christmas dance battle/party.  You can up your game by inviting other family members over, the cousins and make it a night to remember.

#7. Family Video Christmas Greeting

Everybody loves a personalized message from a loved one and this is a great Christmas family tradition to hold. Let the kids have a go at sending messages of cheer to their friends and family. With such endearing family Christmas activities, children develop a sense of compassion and care while having fun at it.

#8. DIY Christmas decorations

Spending an afternoon crafting and decorating is a must! What better way to have the whole family’s art display up on the walls. Kids enjoy getting their hands dirty painting and cutting out shapes and they’ll have you to thank for making their Christmas memories so nostalgic.

#9. Bake cookies for one of your neighbours

Show your family’s giving spirit this year by baking some good old homemade cookies for one of your neighbors. Since your kids interact a lot more with your neighbors kids, let them do the mixing and shaping of the cookies. I promise you it will brighten your Christmas and someone else’s too. This can easily be a new family tradition for this time of the year. This can be a good lesson in sharing and caring!

#10. Read the story of Jesus Birth & dramatize

Story time is a perfect way to engage with kids of all ages. Read to them the story of Jesus’s birth in the most dramatic way you possibly can. Have the kids use their imagination to Joseph and Mary’s journey to having baby Jesus in a little manger.

This not only instils a habit of reading the Bible as a family and individually, but it also gives the kids the real reason to celebrating Christmas. 

#11. Share one thing you love about each other

Best done at the dinner table, have each member of the family share one thing they love about the rest of the family members. What a good way to have your family members feel so special and seen, which is not always the case. Make it a family tradition to remind each other of just how much your family means to you.

The year has been a challenging one for so many with the COVID 19 pandemic effects affecting us (kids included) in various ways. That’s why it’s so important to make sure we spread the joy of the Lord and a sense of normalcy to our children.

What are some of the Christmas family traditions you enjoy carrying out? Share your thoughts with us, we’d love to hear from you.